How To Dress For Your Video Deposition

If you're preparing for a video deposition for an upcoming case, you might have a lot of questions. You might be wondering how many people will be there, how long it will last, what types of questions you will be asked and more. One additional thing you could be curious about is how you should dress. These are some basic tips that will help point you in the right direction.

Look Professional

First and foremost, when choosing clothing for your video deposition, you'll want to keep professionalism in mind. The outfit that you are wearing can have an impact on how you are perceived when others watch the deposition. Therefore, taking the time to pick a professional outfit is worth it. A dress suit is preferred, but it's not a necessity. Even if you aren't going to wear a suit, you'll at least want to wear a dress shirt or blouse with dress pants. Clothing should fit properly and be free of holes, tears or other damage. You should also make sure that your hair is cut and styled neatly and professionally.

Choose Colors Carefully

In addition to wearing professional clothing, you'll want to choose your colors carefully. Overly bright colors or patterns can be distracting, so you'll want to skip those. Look for colors that enhance your complexion if possible so that you can avoid looking washed out on camera.

Avoid Excessive Accessories

Lastly, be careful about the accessories that you choose to wear for your video deposition. Even though accessories might usually make the outfit, they can be a negative for a video deposition. For example, if you wear a scarf around your neck, it could partially obstruct your face in the video. If you wear bracelets, they might jangle when you move around. This noise can be distracting and cause people to miss some of what you're saying when watching your deposition. If you do choose to wear jewelry or other accessories, go for an understated look, and choose pieces that do not make noise.

A video deposition might be very important to your case. Of course, what you say in your deposition is probably going to be much more important than what you wear. However, dressing appropriately for your video deposition will make a difference, so you'll probably want to at least keep these tips in mind when you're getting dressed on the day of the deposition. Contact a service, like Nashville's Media Services, for more help.